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Sunday, 9 September 2018

NOGALIOUS – out on MSX in October 2018

Here's an awesome bit of retro gaming news - due to the success of NOGALIOUS on PC, the game will be launched on MSX in October.


This 8-bit action platformer, originally funded from Kickstarter with a total of 246 backers, will be released in a classic retro-style cartridge specially made for nostalgic fans. A DLC containing this version will be featured on Steam too so everybody can enjoy it.

NOGALIOUS on MSX will be sold either separately or in a bundle including the box, the manual and the original soundtrack.

Those who have already pre-ordered a single copy of the title can obtain the full bundle just by paying the difference. The promotional code UPGRADE saves them from paying the shipping costs of the remaining assets.

The physical copy of the game on PC can currently be acquired independently, in deluxe format or in the summer bundle, which contains the game, the deluxe box, the game manual, and the original soundtrack.

People who backed the original campaign on Kickstarter will get the poster, and the original soundtrack for free.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Lemmings - Atari ST - levels 1-5

I've started playing through the game and recording every level - I'll post them here 5 at a time.