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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

CycloTron 1 and 2

Coming from the coding fingers of Ross McNaughton of Serious Software (who also made Trackball), these two games based on TRON's "Light Cycles" idea give completely different gaming experiences.  The first game is a nice one-player challenge with each level offering different opponents / challenges, whilst the second game is not really much cop as a solo game but can be played up to 4 player using the parallel joystick posts extension.

Incidentally if you like this kind of game you might want to give my own recent release (for PC, not ST sadly!) AGS Cycles a go - unfortunately I don't have the STOS-made light cycles game I made many years ago now, but this latest game gives a nice randomised twist to the theme.  Currently it's 2-player only though I may make an AI in its next iteration.  

AGS Cycles is available on GameJolt and

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