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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

SRAM 2 - Cinomeh's Revenge

Wow, this game in development is... quite something.  It's a text adventure game with graphics, being developed for Windows and Linux.  For a full retro effect however it will allow you to change the in-game graphics to one of a massive 31 different graphics modes (you can swap at any time during the game):

* Amiga (2 versions)
* Amstrad CPC
* Amstrad Green Mono
* Apple II (2 versions)
* Atari 8-bit (2 versions)
* BBC Micro
* C64 (2 versions)
* Commodore Vic-20
* DOS CGA (6 versions)
* Game Boy
* Game Boy Color Hybrid Gold
* Game Boy Color Hybrid Brown
* Game Boy Color Hybrid Pastel (2 versions)
* MSX (2 versions)
* MSX2
* NES (2 versions)
* SMS (2 versions)
* ZX Spectrum


  1. It's a remake from a famous french Amstrad CPC game by Jacques Hemonic, Serge Hauduc et Ludovic Hauduc.
    All the names ingame are anagram or reverse letter order of author's and families.
    Did they inform living authors of that project ?

  2. The dev did mention that it was a remake - no idea if he knows that about the names though. I'll point him towards your question.

  3. It's indeed a remake, made 30 years after the original release by Ere Informatique (which was released for IBM PC (DOS CGA) & Amstrad CPC only and was only available in French language.

    Although I have searched for a contact option, I haven't been able to get in touch with the original authors...

    This version, which is kind of an enhanced edition, is completely re-written using the AGS engine.
    It has different and new puzzles, way more interactions and responses, a point system (ala old sierra adventures) and supports almost all the 4-color console- and computer palettes from the 80's (the 31 graphic modes).
    I also removed the 'double time-system' they build in, because this was way to easy to bypass/cheat in the original version.

    I will have a look at these names, thanx for that information.
    And thanks for writing a piece about my project here, Dave! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping in with your reply! :-) Hope development goes well.