Monday, 28 July 2014

Friday, 25 July 2014

‘GOLD RUSH! CLASSIC - an '80's classic is back!

'GOLD RUSH! CLASSIC' - the Sierra Online classic game from 1988 is back in all its original glory!  From a time when games were games and playing with your joystick meant something else.

This Sierra On-Line classic was originally launched in 1988 and has been lovingly remodelled for today's PC's by Sunlight Games.  Fans of Sierra's games will know that 'GOLD RUSH! CLASSIC' is one of their few games that did not end in 'Quest' and that it was also one of the last games to be made using the renowned 'AGI' interface.

'GOLD RUSH! CLASSIC' sends you back to the year 1848 and the start of the Californian gold rush.  Sell your land, pack your bags and grab the next ride out because fortune lies just 2,500 miles away.  Travel with Jerrod (the hero of our game) as he joins the mad rush for riches in sunny California. 'GOLD RUSH! CLASSIC'recreates an unpredictably treacherous path paved with the graves of many who never saw the glow of gold. Over 150 scenes, including realistic on-screen maps of historically accurate early American travel routes.  

Discover the American frontier!


  • Unique art design taking you back to the middle of the 19th Century.
  • Three different paths to follow.
  • Parser controls'.
  • Historically accurate map of the three available routes.
  • The original manual.
  • Previously unpublished original concept art from the 1988 dev team.
  • Compatible with Windows XP through to Windows 8 with the help of the DOSBOX.

(Wow... the chip music in the trailer has given me a headache already! :-D)