Monday, 17 February 2014

Silmarils Collection

Now this is a real treat for retro gamers - 16 games including all three Ishar titles!  This little lot in The Silmarils Collection - for a cent under ten dollars - will keep you going for many hours.

Starblade - I remember playing the demo of this on the Atari ST many years ago...
And of this one - Colorado.
Sadly I never did get round to playing the Ishar games... :-(

Games Included
Arcade - Boston Bomb Club, Bunny Bricks, Wind Surf Willy 
Adventure - Colorado, Maya, Metal Mutant, StarBlade, Targhan 
Strategy - Deus, Robinson’s Requiem, Storm Master, Transartica 
RPGs - Crystals of Arborea, Ishar I, II and III

Available from Shiny Loot.