Friday, 15 November 2013

My Top 50 Atari ST Games

These are in no particular order, obviously every list is entirely subjective and I’m not going to pretend that my list is anything like a “Definitive” Top 50 Atari ST games list, just the 50 games I remember most fondly - so really, for "My Top 50 Atari ST Games" read "My personal favourite 50 Atari ST games".  Also I realise that some of the games could easily represent more than one of the genres I’ve listed here, and some – like Hostages – are pretty much indefinable.  So some of the classifications are a little arbitrary as I had to put them somewhere!

Anyway, for those who like me owned an ST in their childhood and still remember it with much fondness, I hope you get a nice nostalgic feeling from looking down the list at some of the games you probably remember too.  Only a handful - Dynabusters+, Sleepwalker and Obsession - were STE-only, unless I'm much mistaken. 

Racing Games
·         Supersprint
·         Formula One Grand Prix
·         Stunt Car Racer
·         Supercars
·         Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
·         Enduro Racer

Sports Games
·         The Games: Summer Edition
·         Kick Off 2
·         Disc
·         Speedball 2
·         Player Manager
·         Passing Shot
·         World Class Rugby

Role-Playing Games
·         Dungeon Master
·         Pirates!
·         Hostages

Adventure Games
·         The Secret of Monkey Island
·         Zak McKraken and the Alien Mindbenders

Shoot ‘em Ups
·         Xenon 2
·         Llammatron

Strategy Games
·         Populous
·         Carrier Command
·         Civilisation
·         Defender of the Crown
·         Mega Lo Mania
·         Millennium 2.2
·         Railroad Tycoon
·         North and South

·         Sleepwalker
·         HERO 2
·         Rainbow Islands
·         Rick Dangerous
·         Rick Dangerous 2

Puzzle Games
·         Lemmings
·         Head Over Heels

Arcade Games
·         Rolling Thunder
·         IK+
·         Pang!
·         Switchblade
·         Turrican 2
·         Dynabusters+
·         Bio Challenge
·         Gauntlet 2
·         Skullduggery

Pinball Games
·         Obsession

3D Space Exploration / Combat / Trading
·         Elite
·         Elite 2: Frontier
·         Starglider 2

Breakout Games
·         Arkanoid

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Platform 2013 attracts the world’s biggest names in the gaming business

Platform 2013 is promising its best ever line-up, with major international players descending on Hull city centre.

The gaming and content creation expo, now in its fourth year, takes place on November 15/16 and will feature Google, Sony Computer Entertainment and Microsoft as well as a host of games experts, games studios, tournaments, workshops and exhibitors. It takes place just days before the winner of UK City of Culture is announced, of which Hull is a finalist.

Lindsay West, organiser of the Platform Initiative and joint managing director of Hull-based Garthwest Ltd, said that the expo was putting Hull on the map nationally and internationally. “The aim of Platform is to encourage and help young people to forge careers and start businesses in gaming and content creation.

“We want to create a significant sector in the Humber and retain our talent. It is a massive and growing area of business that we can be part of if we put everything in place to take advantage of what it has to offer.” 

Exhibitors include local indie games developers alongside some of the biggest names in gaming such as Marmalade Game Studio, which made Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light; Square Enix responsible for the Final Fantasy Series; and Konami, one of the world’s largest gaming companies responsible for many of the best known games including Castlevania, Contra and Gradius.

For Fifa, Minecraft, Gears of War and Call of Duty fans, there will competitive tournaments, which can be signed up for at the event.

FyreUK, one of the world’s leading experts in Minecraft will be showcasing its latest work to be viewed on the big screen.

Speakers over the two-day expo cover varied subjects such as how to run a film studio, voice production in video games and introduction to programming. Ade Oshineye from Google will talk about Google+ for games and apps, and his colleague Jake Archibald on making games for Google Chrome. Richard Adams from Microsoft will cover developing for the Xbox. Carla Prada, head of Microsoft’s Soho Studios will discuss the running of a successful gaming studio and Pete Smith of Sony Computer Entertainment’s XDev Studios will outline how to successfully take a product to market.

Workshops on Friday November 15 will be delivered by the University of Hull, Hull School of Art and Design, Hull College and Grimsby Institute, and include hardware interfacing with Raspberry Pi, introduction to gaming music and character drawing, and the use of Oculus Rift.

For retro gaming enthusiasts, Replay Events is hosting an '80s classroom at the Guildhall, which will be kitted out with BBC Micros, as well as a Retro Replay Lounge featuring retro consoles with knockout tournaments on classic titles.

Mr West added: “I would like to say a huge thank you to Hull City Council for helping to make sure the event happened this year and to our sponsors KC, World Trade Centre Hull & Humber and Garthwest.”

The event takes place at key venues in the city centre including Hull City Hall, Ferens Art Gallery, the Guildhall and Hull College. The event runs from 10am – 5pm each day.