Monday, 22 October 2012

New C64 game release - "Trance Sector"

Trance Sector for C64 has been released.

"You are assigned to conquer the Cygma Elite's storage factory, known as the Trance Sector. Simply clear all radioactive pods from their storage facilities, but watch out for the high security seekers. One hit with those, or their explosions will penetrate your ship."

Click here for more information. 

Monday, 8 October 2012

New C64 game release - "Get 'em DX"

"Poor Getty and Emma may well have been captured by the grumpy old troll King and locked away in the Nyarlu dungeons of infinity, but they weren’t overly concerned. Regardless of their plight, the two happy critters cheerily snapped the neck of their prison guard while he slept and prepared for another daring escape. This wasn’t the first time they’d thwarted the King’s efforts – and it certainly wouldn’t be the last…"

Review and more information about Get 'em DX for C64

The British IBM / Sir Clive Sinclair / Iain Lee

I want to tell you about a group with a difference - "The British IGM" - formed by retro enthusiast and singer-songwriter Adrian Killens to combine nerdy delights - indie rock and vintage computing.

The latest single released from their upcoming album, also eponymously titled, was featured by Artrocker and gained rave reviews across the web. Released last month on the anniversary of the founding of Intel, its video featured comedian/presenter and fellow retro games enthusiast Iain Lee as well as a whole host of props and clothes hoarded from Ebay and charity shops to display that geeky aesthetic (also used in their live shows). They’ve created a little world, in the same way that Sleep Party People find comfort in their jammies, The British IBM are warmed by the buzz of computers.

Even though some songs are loosely based on "retro computing" themes, The British IBM aren’t a comedy or chip tune type band with songs about micro chips and commodore 64s etc. It’s more about the human story; what goes on behind the screens. The music is soft, vintage and visceral. Here is a band who list their influences not as Oasis or The Arctic Monkeys but as instead, yes, Sir Clive Sinclair and Steve Jobs.

Prior to forming The British IBM, Adrian has enjoyed success as a solo artist. Previous projects include releasing a single sold only on a 3.5” Floppy disc ("the best format") and the 2010 'Song A Week' project which saw the artist release a new song every Friday for an entire year. The result was a 53 track album released entirely digitally.

Their approach to the album has been to focus on the magazines and writers they actually have affinity with - and that means the topic of video games.

Here's the video for "The British IBM", loosely based around a documentary called Micro Men and includes a moment where a wire is cut, to replicate the BBC's visit to Acorn to inspect the computer that was to become the BBC Micro. This is the one where a certain Iain Lee makes an appearance:

Hopefully I'll be able to get the band to talk about their gaming memories and the game music that's influenced them sometime in the near future.