Monday, 25 June 2012

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Indiana Jones e l'Oro di Gengis Khan

Well, if you don't speak Italian you won't be able to understand this game - I can't either but hey, it looks great and there may be an English translation one day if the game actually gets finished.  So if you loved the classic style Indiana Jones adventure games...

Actually since Italian is so close to Spanish I think I can just about real this - "The Holy Grail!  The cup that saved my father's life".  Pretty close to that, anyway.

Find out more and download the demo version at the dev blog (which is reasonably easy to read using Google Translate if you're an English speaker wanting to keep tabs on the game).

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Curse of Monkey Island Demake - Video

You know I told you about the reborn demake project for The Curse of Monkey Island? Well, although it's in Spanish and lacks sound, a demo video has been released and actually it looks pretty impressive!

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Black Sect Remake - Released!

You know I told you a while ago about a remake of Black Sect in the works?  Well, the work has been done, and it's now been released.

You can download the game here.

What you can expect from this game:

The people of Issegeac believe that their good fortune depends on the spellbook that has been in their village for over nine centuries. When the keeper of the text, your grandfather, is killed and the Grimoire stolen, the villagers ask your help.

Now it is your task to find the Black Sect's hideout and return the spellbook to Issegeac.

Lankhor's Black Sect is a great game. It has however a few features that where normal in 1993 but aren't so popular today. The game is timed, has dead ends, only 5 save slots, 20+ action icons, no smart cursor and you can die.

To make the game accessible to more players this remake features among other things:
- Timeflow based on player actions, so no dead ends
- Unlimited save slots (Well, I don't know that. More than 30 anyway)
- 2 action cursors
- Smart cursor that lights up over interactive areas
- Extra puzzles
- Changed puzzles to suit the new interface
- Updated hint system
- New sound and music

And kept from the original game:
- first person exploration
- Lankhor's art and animations (mostly)
- 31 locations to explore
- day and night cycle 

Monday, 11 June 2012

Curse of Monkey Island Demake is back on!

Some time ago I told you about a project to demake The Curse of Monkey Island in the style of the first two games - unfortunately this project died a few months back. However it's now been picked up by a new programmer and the development thread shows his progress so far.  It's being developed in Spanish but fear not, an English version will also be released.

Original & Demake Screenshots:

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Captain Disaster in Death Has a Million Stomping Boots - Trailer

First teaser trailer for my upcoming game, which isn't a remake but it is designed in the style of the classic point and click adventure games, and of course features the awesomeness of 320x200 resolution graphics: