Friday, 29 October 2010


The final version of QUOD INIT EXIT, a funny, colorful C64 game is available now - get it from CSDb.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Curse of Monkey Island - Old School Remake!

Now here's an interesting idea - a remake of The Curse of Monkey Island redone with MI1 / 2 graphics and interface.  I saw this a while ago and they've got to Beta stage without a C&D notice from LucasArts, so who knows...

Personally Curse of Monkey Island was actually my favourite game in the series, but I can see why this remake would appeal to some.  (I admit the verb coin is not my favourite adventure game interface, but I liked CoMI enough to overcome that objection.)

Check out the Development Thread for more details.

Super Crate Box

It's not a remake, and it's for modern PCs, but new freeware game Super Crate Box has a lovely retro feel and has been described by myself as a cross between Llammatron and Bombjack (though I think I really meant Robotron... but hey, what's the difference really?!?!), and someone else on their Twitter page as a cross between Mario Bros and Centipede.

See my review first, then visit the official website to download the game.

Or possibly the other way round.

Super Crate Box from Vlambeer on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

HOC INIT EXIT preview 3 released

The 3rd preview of this funny, colorful C64 game is available now - get it from CSDb.

List of changes since version 2c:
* added end-of-level special phase (including new graphics and music);
* improved graphics;
* added catches notification;
* added music fadeout;
* improved platforms variety;
* fixed a bug in the chart saving routine (only the first save would work);
* made many speed and memory optimizations;
* made lots of other changes (mostly internal, for future development).