Thursday, 22 April 2010

Suggest an Emulator!

Do you have a favourite emulator for a particular system that you use?  Spread the word in the comments section here!  Good emulators deserve a bit of extra credit, so here's your chance to give that credit...

Suggestions so far:

MAME (various consoles)
VICE (C64)
GENS (Sega Megadrive [Genesis])

Thanks to the following for their emulator suggestions:

HOC INIT EXIT preview 2 released

I'd like to inform C64 lovers that a new preview of HOC INIT EXIT - a toy game for the C64 I fiddle with in my spare time - is now available: check it out on CSDb.

List of changes:
- added music (by Richard Bayliss);
- added hiscores;
- added game over notification;
- improved graphics in a few places;
- made title screen colorful.


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters - Atari ST

I loved this game, which if memory serves came in one of the Atari STe bundles - never actually saw it in the arcades, so I can't say how good the conversion was.  It was a shoot-em-up with puzzle elements, and when you finished a stage you hopped in your spacecraft, navigated a maze section which either got you killed (fairly frequently, I admit) or took you to a new level - with three options depending which way you went.

Everything about this game was weird - from the music and sound effect to the graphics (quircky quasi-isometric view) and the gameplay itself.  But at the same time, it was all rather wonderful, in an odd sort of way.  There's never been another game quite like it - or if there has, I don't know about it!  Sadly however, it's yet another one of those games that I never did quite manage to complete...

Screenshots from Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters:

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Asteroids World Record Broken!

An astonishing 58 hours was needed to smash the official Asteroids world record.

John McAllister from Seattle bestthe previous workd record of 41,336,440, set by Scott Safran way bacck in 1982, with a gargantuan score of 41,338,740 - though this doesn't seem to have been confirmed by Twin Galaxies so far.  John also holds the Asteroids Deluxe record with 3,333,360 points (Twin Galaxies interviewed him about this one).

Read more here.

(Proof indeed that classic games never die, and that some people have waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands!!)

2010 Sideways SEUCK Competition Entries (C64)

You can find the eight entries to this year's 2010 Sideways SEUCK (Shoot-Em-Up Construction Kit) entries on this page (scroll down to find them). 

I've downloaded all eight and will blog about them soon...

The entries are:

Name of game: Barney
Author: WEC/Cosine

Poor Barney the cowfish has been swept away out to sea from his other half, Hannah. Can you help the poor little character across the coral reef to get back to her. During your journey, collect pearls that lie at the bottom of the coral reef. 

Screen shots:

Entry #002

Name of game:
Tau Zeta
Author: Alf Yngve

Instructions: The first interstellar war was also the last one.
Two mighty civilizations clashed, staking everything on total victory...
...and both civilizations perished. Only a handful of survivors escaped the galactic holocaust, in the ships of the Tau Zeta squadron. You must guide the Tau Zeta squadron, carrying the last remaining members of your species, to a safe haven in the galaxy. But in the chaos of war, you may never know where fate and random chance might bring you. To safety... or into the enemy's home ground.

Screen shots:

Entry #003

Name of game:
The Rocket Man
Author: Sea Software

An evil dragon and its private army have landed on the Earth! The population is running away, while the local hero, the robotic Rocket Man who tried to fight the evil back, has been imprisoned... Help him escape from the factory and lead him to the hidden cave, where the evil dragon lies!

Screen shots:

Entry #004

Name of game:
Pour Le Merite (For Merit)
Author: Bamse

It is the year 1917, and Europe is at war. You are an ambitious German pilot, who steps into his red plane and fly into the enemy territory. His goal is to achieve a merit. Fight through 4 different levels through enemy territory. At the end of each level you are to participate in a dogfight challenge (Boss stage I guess).

The classic C64 games, Blue Max, Choplifter and Artillery duel inspired Bamse to create this fun game using Sideways SEUCK. I have also done some unheard music exclusively for this game. Sort of inspired by the music, Deep Strike by C64 legend, Rob Hubbard although this tune sounds nothing like Rob's tune :)

Note: This game was originally going to have 2 players, where one player can play a jeep (like Silkworm), but unfortunately due to problems with Sideways SEUCK, the author had to disable the second player. However he has included a work file, which you can load directly into Sideways SEUCK to enable the 2 player mode and try playing as the jeep, as well as plane if you really want to.

Screen shots:

Entry #005

Name of game:
God Slayer
Author: Jeffrey Oullette

You are the Executioner of the evil Gods, it is your task, to seek out and destroy the rebelious bad gods. For this mission you are tasked with destroying three elder dieties who have allied against the forces of stability.

Screen shots:

Entry #006

Name of game:
Earth Super Force
Author: Joonas Lindberg

  Fly past the defences of the Meteoroids,  then destroy  some of their army. If they reach Earth before that, then nothing
on Earth can stop them...

Screen shots:

Entry #007

Name of game:
Author: Anthony Burns

  Help Diotima or Narcisa (or both characters) fight the evil creatures of Lamia (Sister of the defeated Vampire Queen Stryxia). Fight through 3 different zones and meet Lamia for the final battle.

Screen shots:

Entry #008

Name of game:
Author: Aldo Chiummo

  You are Verde, a cute creature from The Rosa Tribe. Your friends have been kidnapped by some evil creatures. Your quest is to fly through and reach the evil creatures' nest and destroy the giant egg, to release your friends and make Rosa a much happier place once again.

Screen shots:

Monday, 5 April 2010

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee for PS1

I'll get a full review done soon, but I just wanted to quickly post about Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee - the first in the Oddworld quintology.  In style it seems a throwback to the mid-80s style flip-screen platformer (never one of my favourite genres, though I did enjoy the antics of Monty Mole!); however this is absolutely brilliant.  Loads of secrets to discover, a rich gameplay experience, and some graphical effects that don't look too shabby even today.  

I'm having great fun with this game, it's maddening at times but only in that way that the best games are - you hate the game, you vow that it's the most annoying thing on the planet... but of course you keep playing, because it just happens to be impossible to stop playing.

That Abe though... he's one ugly critter (but loveable just the same!).

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Top Ten Amiga Remakes

My blogging friend Gnome has posted a brilliant list of remakes of classic Amiga games, so I thought you might want to head over to the Gnome's Lair and see them for yourself.

(Simply having a Lemmings remake listed is enough to get my interest, but also Turrican, Gods, Dungeon Master... Gnome is a man after my own heart!  (Well, of course, as a former ST owner I must detest him as former Amiga-owning scum, but it's nothing personal!)


Atari Flashback 2

I think this is only available in the States, but retro gaming fans might be interested to know that Atari have released the Flashback 2 console, which from what I can see is a 2600 (or maybe 7800?) with 40 built-in games.  There's a special offer at the moment to only pay $5 shipping; the console itself costs $39.95.  It seems to come with a couple of the iconic but horrible square Atari joysticks... I hated those things, but I have to admit that unlike most joysticks, they were practically indestructible!

Visit Atari's Flashback 2 product page for more information.