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Monday, 13 December 2010

Winter Olympiad - Atari ST

Winter Olympiad was one of the very first Atari ST games I owned, and back then when young relatives came round quite often, this sort of multi-event sports game was hugely popular at our house.  Featuring five events - downhill, ski jump, biathlon, slalom and bobsleigh - it was great fun and required a fairly wide variety of skills to master.  The graphics were okay and the chip music, while not exactly great, at least featured a different tune for each event.  You could save your world records and have multi-player games with medal tables, all good stuff.    Released by Tynesoft in 1988 and sometimes called "Winter Olympiad '88", it still plays surprisingly well today.

Winter Olympiad '88 Atari ST Screenshots (run under STEEM emulation)

Starting off the downhill
What kind of idiot plants trees on the downhill track?!?!

Admiring the scenery during the biathlon
You have to be able to ski as well as shoot...
Hmm... that jump looks pretty long, actually.

But managed with aplomb, if I might say so.

Starting off the slalom...
Er... which way round the flags do you go again?

Ha!  The bobsleigh looks easy...

But isn't.  Crashed... again...

For even more retro winter sporting fun, see Digital Integration's Bobsleigh for the ZX Spectrum.

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