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Monday, 20 December 2010

Final Fantasy IV - SNES

Cecil Battle
Cecil Portrait
Final Fantasy IV (or II in America) has been a favorite of mine since the very beginning, it was the very first RPG I had ever played and was one of earliest games I have seen to have a full great story and real fleshed out characters. It was first released back in 1991 for the SNES by Square but latter ported/remade to/for a wide range of platforms: The PlayStation in 1997, the WonderSwan Color in 2002, the Game Boy Advance in 2005, the Nintendo DS in 2007, the Wii Virtual Console in 2009 and latter that same year mobile phones, and it is slatted for a 2011 release on the PlayStation Portable.

Tellah Battle
Tellah Portrait
As its name implies it is the forth title in the prestigious Final Fantasy series, a series that currently holds fourteen main titles and a whopping twenty eight games in total including all spin-offs and sequels, and that is not even including the two great movies, two anime series, and a handful of OVAs. The series is the second best selling RPG series of all time, and even the sixth best selling series of all time. In particular Final Fantasy IV holds a particularity prestigious place in the series, it is one of the few main titles to have a direct sequel, Final Fantasy IV: the After Years, and the first game to use the Active Time Battle system, a system used in many subsequent titles. Set seventeen years after the events of the first game, The After Years follows the the original cast and their descendants in a episodic adventure spanning eleven chapters and utilizing mostly the same game mechanics.

Kain Portrait
Kain Battle
There are many reason that I think Final Fantasy IV excels. For one it has a great expansive storyline, and top-notch graphics. Additionally, it had simpler and easier gameplay then many other Final Fantasy titles, with little to no grinding being needed and the leveling system and character development being completely automated. And while customization can be very good in its own right, it can get in the way of the story and character development; And this is where Final Fantasy IV really shines. This game has the biggest most dense group of great characters and easily has over half of my favorite characters of all time. Their is Cecil the dark night turned repentant hero, Cid the genius mechanic, Edge the dual sword wielding, weapon throwing, and wise cracking ninja, Edward the cowardly prince who has lost his love interest to the enemy, Palom and Porom the young but extremely talented black and white mages, Tellah the wise sage past his prime, and Kain the dragoon, to name a few.

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