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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Circus Attractions - Atari ST

This game features five game segments based on circus attractions (I bet that was a surprise to you, huh?) - Trampolining, Tightrope Walking, Juggling, Knife Throwing and Clown Jumping.  You can train in any of the events as much as you like, or go for playing each one and seeing what total score you can reach.  There is some functionality for multi-player and team play.

Developed by Golden Goblins and released by Rainbow Arts back in 1989, this is effectively five simple games tagged together.  The games themselves are relatively fun, with controls that were a bit fiddly but essentially relied on you having good timing more than anything else.  The graphics were reasonably good; the chip music was something of an unwelcome assault on the ears!  It's a reasonable game, the different sections are fun for a while and it would work much better as a multi-player game - I think you'd get bored of it pretty quickly without any human competition.

Circus Attractions has a particular fascination for me because I created a game along very similar lines (I called mine "Big Top", it was coded in STOS and was Atari STE specific, but sadly never got released [even as public domain] - as far as I can remember it featured tightrope walking, knife throwing, human cannonball - not sure if any other disciplines - and a rudimentary circus management section).  Was it better than this?  Probably not to be honest (though my sound effects were definitely better! :-D), but I wish I'd managed to send it to a few PD libraries so that at least the old game might still be knocking around the internet somewhere so that I could download it, play it on STEEM and tell people "I did that!  Isn't it awful?!"... or something.

Forgive my indulgence, but Big Top was about the only proper game I ever actually finished coding!  Anyway, enough reminiscing.  Here are some screenshots of the game: 

Circus Attractions - Atari ST Screenshots

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