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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Robotz DX - Remake of an Atari ST Game

Strangely enough one of the ST games that I remember most vividly was a little game that came on an ST Format cover disc that according to the blurb was made in just a few hours (I can't remember how many).  It was a brilliantly simple but challenging affair that was also insanely addictive.  You simply had to blow up the generator on each level to progress to the next - but different obstacles and enemies faced you.  Featuring devious problems to solve and merciless collision detection, to this day I remember it as being one of the best ST games there ever was.

So when I found out today that someone has done a remake / update for the PC, I was over the moon!  Here's the trailer showcasing some of the new features, though the graphics look almost identical to the original:

Visit the official site for more information and to download!


  1. I've always liked to enjoy quality games. I wanna try this one. I heard it has a lot better graphics than the original plus it has cool soundtrack I reckon.

  2. I felt that the graphics were pretty much identical to the old ST game! Maybe I just have such fond memories of my ST that it's affecting my memory?! :-D

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