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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Pacmania - Atari ST

How do you take an all-time classic game, update it so that it genuinely feels like a different game, manage to keep all the things that made the original so good, and add a couple of extra features that make it even better? Somehow that's what Namco did when the took the classic Pacman formula, turned it into 3D (often a surefire recipe for disaster, but not in this instance), added some bells and whistled, and gave Pacman the ability to jump. Seriously, that one feature adds a whole new dimension to the game. I've tried to get a screenshot showing this, though my timing wasn't quite perfect - he's only in midair!

The graphics looked great despite still actually being pretty simple - convincingly three-dimensional without sacrificing clarity of viewpoint - and it plays like a dream. Look out ghosts, I'm one power pill away from eating you... oops, too late, dead again. Just one more game then...

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