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Monday, 15 June 2009

Timeslip - Commodore 16

Timeslip was really quite a complicated game for its time, with three separate time zones for you to play in, swapping between them to complete an overall mission. Controlling aircraft, man with jetpack or submarine, you had to clear the area, collect fuel and time capsules to earn more mission time (which you lost when you died), it was an incredibly ambitious game. It was also one of the most mind-numbingly difficult games I've ever played on any system - try as I might, I never did complete it!


  1. We've just managed to revive our old C16 and are playing Timeslip again right now! We've also never managed to complete it - though we're determined to! Do you know what the "ZT" times signify? We've been trying to work it out... Also, when you've collected all of the orbs on one level, how do you switch to another level without dying?

  2. I managed to finish it (on 'Novice' mode), and unfortunately it seems that there is no reward or ending to the game. You simply continue playing the levels until the time ticks down and the mission ends.

  3. Sorry guys, I forgot to turn on alerts so I didn't see your comments before this!

    Alison - no idea about what that means I'm afraid, but you've made me wish I still had a working C16!

    Arf - you're probably in quite an elite group if you managed to actually complete this game!!

    Overusing exclamation marks again... sorry (!)