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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Supercars - Atari ST

Another driving game that plays better than it looks is Supercars, brought to us years ago by Gremlin Graphics. I remember years ago arguing with an Amiga-owning friend about the music, and I actually defended the ST's music. Oh well, wisdom makes one wiser, and at least I haven't commited the unforgivable sin that my wife did - she actually went so far as to defend Pierce Brosnan's singing in the film Mamma Mia! I ask you...

Er, anyway, back to this game. It looks average (that's being extremely kind) and the sound effects & music remind you just why the ST's Yamaha sound chip had so few fans... or at least, when it wasn't used properly... which accounted for most pre-nineties game developers. The gameplay was good though, if rather too easy... it was a lot of fun, and insulting the salesman was a nice stress reliever. Supercars 2 did improve the graphics significantly, can't remember if it sounded any better... will have to remind myself I guess!

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