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Monday, 15 June 2009

Player Manager - Atari ST

Ah, how I loved this game... Dino Dini was a genius, and Anco survived on the revenue from Kick off titles for years. Though this was painfully easy after a while (though playing it on the keyboard really adds to the challenge!!), Player Manager was an almost perfect blend of footie game and footie management game.

If you like me are a huge fan of the original game (whether that be a huge fan or a fan and huge through playing the game instead of exercising, either way works), some great news - the 3 times world Kick Off 2 champion and creator of the amazing Kick Off remake called Throw-In is working on a Player Manager remake!

Will keep you updated, news on this project has dried up in recent months but there are assurances that it is still alive...

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