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Monday, 15 June 2009

Monkey Magic - Commodore 16

Wow, this takes me back... I can't remember either the TV series or the game very much, but way back when I was a big fan. Monkey Magic is basically a sideways-scrolling Galaxian - fly your magic carpet and zap giant insects (I think?!) as you go.

Very simple and rather unforgiving, but still surprisingly playable after all these years - and the mountains in the backdrop don't look bad for such an old game!

Yes, I have discovered a Commodore 16 emulator - "Yape", now linked to in the "Emulators I Use" list on the left of the blog. It emulates a range of 8-bit Commodore computers, but as I remember the C16, that's what I'll mostly be using if for.
(NB I used YAPE 0.72 for the screenshot, but have discovered more recent versions, including one written especially for Vista 64-bit. Will let you know later how well it works.)

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