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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Jumping Jackson - Atari ST

One of my friends from Yorkshire has always said that this is her the all-time favourite game, and it's easy to see why she likes it so much. It's basically a puzzle game, where you have to jump on tiles to make them change colour, get all of them to be the same colour so that a record shows up, and then collect that record and put it on the appropriate record player. The level design, jump points, and musical instruments that beat you up (!) if you come into contact with them make it a challenging game after just a few levels. There are also challenge levels to gain passwords... if you can complete the challenge of course.

Jumping Jackson is one of those relatively rare games for the time that require quick reflexes, quick thinking and long-term strategy in fairly equal measure. Fair play to the ST designers, it sounds pretty good for a pre-STE game and though the soundtrack isn't as funky as the Amiga version, it holds its own. Overall this is a very good game for anyone who likes action games that require a bit of brain power (or strategy games that require some quick reflexes at times!).

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