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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Feud - ZX Spectrum

The debut release of Mastertronic's "Bulldog" label, Feud has a huge fanbase because it's a timeless game. Basically you play a wizard who's battling his brother; you have to collect herbs, mix them in your cauldron, find your brother and blast him with your spells. Naturally your brother is not idle but aiming to do the same to you, and the computer AI isn't too shabby. It's a challenging game, and for a Speccy game it looks pretty good - large sprites and colourful backgrounds. Unfortunately I haven't found a way of getting the 2-plyer to work just yet - my sister and I used to love trying to kill each other.

Er... is that a good thing?!?!

See also Crash magazine's review of Feud.

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