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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Blockbusters - Commodore 16

I used to love the TV game show "Blockbusters" when I was young, and I had the board game version as well as the C16 rendition. Playing it again yesterday, I was showed at just how good a quiz game it was.

Sure, it looks primitive and the sound is... well, let's just not mention the sound. However, the basic game plays very well - the control and shift keys serve as your "buzzers", when you buss you have to type in your answer and - get this - if you're close but spelled it wrongly, it will actually tell you that you're close. I know, that's not really amazing, but I don't remember having that level of sophistication in games back then.

Anyway, get it right and you choose the next letter, Bob. Sharp observers will have noticed that instead of the blue team having 6 hexagons across there are only four, the same as for the white team playing top to bottom - naturally this evens things up when you're playing one against one. Which is what you'll be doing at least 99% of the time, I expect.

Seriously, I don't remember good quiz games back on the 8-bit computers... clearly my memory needs refreshing.

Poke $144F, 255...

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