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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Altered Beast - Atari ST

Or, to put it another way... when arcade conversions go wrong.

I remember the original coin-op fondly, and indeed the Sega Megadrive version was pretty good too - at least if my memory can be relied upon to any extent. This sort of game was where the consoles really won against the home computers (though the most famous example has to be the SNES port of Street Fighter 2) - the ST was just never designed to through huge sprites around the screen and have smooth horizontal scrolling. The ST version of Altered Beast looked chunky, the scrolling was terribly jerky, the game played in slow motion and it sounded terrible.

If this game had been remade for the STE and made full use of the BLITTer, hardware scrolling and DMA sound, it could have been great. As it is... this is one retro game to avoid - or at least, avoid the Atari ST version!

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